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The U.S. Embassy Bogota - Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS) has a requirement for the enlargement of a mezzanine at CNP Hangar 2 at Guaymaral to be used for operational purposes.

The project consists of the enlargement of a mezzanine by building a second floor inside the hangar with concrete foundation and metallic elements as columns and beams, stairs, platforms, and a steel deck concrete slab.

The project includes demolition, excavations, filling material, concrete structures, Superboard installations, metallic carpentry, finishing activities, electrical installations and structured wiring.

Place of Performance: Police Hangar 2 Facilities at Guaymaral (Cundinamarca), Colombia. Guaymaral is located at the North side of Bogota, and can be easily accessed via road. This sector is considered a very humid area.

Contract Information:
Contract managed: Local Contracting
Liquidated damages: USD $81.49 per day
Period of performance: 90 calendar days
The contract specifications are attached in English version. Please submit your proposal by Tuesday, August 14, at 2:00pm, local time.

Documents attached: