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  • The Summit of the Americas: Fact Sheet

    Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity - Theme of the Sixth Summit of the Americas 

  • Commerce's Sanchez on Education in Latin America

    I can’t think of a better way to start the day than by talking about strengthening partnerships, increasing opportunities and enhancing competitiveness. As the first day of this conference proved, good things happen when different interests come together to exchange ideas and experiences. And I’m happy to be here on this second day to help keep the conversation going.  

  • Commerce's Sanchez at OAS

    It’s a great pleasure to be here today with all of you. I want to thank Jose Gestoso for that very kind introduction. Allow me to also recognize Secretary General Insulza for his distinguished leadership and service. 

  • Joint Statement by Biden and Lobo

    PRESIDENT LOBO SOSA: [As interpreted by Government of Honduras interpreter] Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the national and international press and the media. It’s a true honor for us that today we count with the attendance of Vice President Joe Biden. Welcome to the Republic of Honduras, sir. (Applause.) 

  • Briefing on Biden's trip to Mexico, Honduras

    MS. BARKOFF: Thank you and thanks for everyone for joining the call today. Our hope is to provide you all with a more detailed sense of the Vice President’s schedule and goals during his upcoming trip to Mexico and Honduras. Today we have Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to the Vice President Tony Blinken, and Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs Dan Restrepo. 

  • Deputy Secretary Burns on Building a Deeper Partnership with Brazil

    Thank you, Henrique, for your very kind introduction, and for your distinguished leadership of AmCham Rio de Janeiro. I would also like to thank Ambassador Tom Shannon, who is a good friend, a very fine diplomat, a believer in Brazil, and a champion of our partnership. 

  • Sanchez on Trans-Pacific Partnership

    My thanks to Eric Farnsworth for that kind introduction and for the great job he’s done as moderator today. Let me also thank the Council of the Americas and the Inter-American Development Bank for co-hosting this dialogue. It’s an honor to be here today, and to follow this distinguished group of panelists. 

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